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Gina Snow
Sales Contract

On________day of___________, 20____, the sum of $______________ has been received from:

Buyer name/address:___________________________________________________


This sum has been received as consideration for the purchase of an English Jack Russell Terrier described as:



Condition of Sale:

1.)  Both buyer and seller acknowledge that no representations; verbal or implied, have been made in regard to said English
Jack Russell Terrier’s abilities.

2.)  Seller warrants, to the best of her ability, that said English Jack Russell Terrier is sound and free from obvious disease.  
The buyer has the option to take the puppy within 72 hours of purchase, at their own expense to a veterinarian of choice.  If the
puppy is found not to be in good health, the buyer will return the puppy to the seller immediately, and the seller will either (1)
replace the terrier; (2) refund the purchase price or; (3) return the terrier back to the buyer,  in good health, within thirty (30)
days.   The adverse health report must be in writing from a licensed veterinarian.  ****
NOTE:  it is NOT recommended by the
seller that any puppy going to a new home be vaccinated at this health exam.  It is
never advised to vaccinate a stressed
animal such as a young puppy entering a new home. ***

3.)  Puppy is guaranteed until one year of age against genetic and congenital defects.  In such and unlikely case, a
veterinarian report must be submitted in writing and signed by a licensed veterinarian.  The seller has the right to directly
contact the veterinarian for details based on the situation.  The puppy will be replaced or the entire purchase price will be
refunded with return of the puppy. If the buyer opts to keep said puppy, half of the purchase price will be refunded at the   
seller’s sole discretion.

4.)  Puppy is guaranteed to qualify for registration with  the English Jack Russell Terrier Alliance Club (
org/registration) once neutered.  When proof of neutering has been received by the seller, the seller will release the needed
information and the buyer can then apply for registration with the said club, at the buyer’s expense.  The buyer shall use the
kennel name prefix
Swanback’s when exhibiting or registering.

5.)  If buyer is unable to keep said terrier for ANY reason, they will
contact the seller to help assist them with placement.  Under
NO circumstances will the buyer ever place this English Jack Russell Terrier into a shelter, pound, rescue or pet store of       
any type.

6.)  A separate well defined feeding and vaccination protocol will be covered with the sale of puppy (
see below).  If this
detailed protocol is not followed to the best of the buyers ability, the guarantee is void in all aspects at seller’s discretion.  

Total Purchase Price: $______________

Deposit Paid: $_____________________

Balance Due: $_____________________

Date of Paid Balance:_______________  




1.)  Keep your terrier in good shape with regular exercise.  Because of their small size many people don’t know how
much exercise these small dogs demand.  Also because of their small size and good appetites, they can easily get
overweight.  Do not confuse bulk/fat with muscle.  These guys should be kept on the lean side not only for simple
reasons like better heart health and decreased cancer risk but also because this breed has a height/length ratio that is
a little longer than tall.  This can cause concern with their backs if they are not kept the correct weight with good
muscle.  Females average 12-14 pounds and Males average 14-16 pounds.

2.)  I believe that total health cannot be obtained without feeding raw/fresh foods.  At least 50% of the diet needs to be
fresh/raw comprised mostly of meat (fat/protein).  If feeding 50% raw and 50% kibble you do not have to worry about
balancing the raw portion; the vitamin and minerals in the kibble will do the balancing.  If you are feeding strictly raw, I
recommend a pre-mixer for ease and completion.  
There are several nice pre-mixers on the market now. Swanback uses Sojos and Honest Kitchen (banners on our
website) but there are many others such as Dr.Harvey’s, Urban Wolf and Essex Farms.  If you are making your diet
totally from scratch, I recommend that you have the growing puppy’s calcium tested about 4-6 weeks after you start.  A
growing puppy’s demands are very high for minerals (growing bones and teeth) and you would not want to compromise
the pups growth by feeding a diet that isn’t properly balanced for him.  I believe in rotation of as many food stuffs as
possible because variety is the spice of life and as Grandma said, “You are what you eat”!  

3.)  If you are going to use a kibble, remember I don‘t recommend feeding any more than 50% of total daily intake.    I
have not seen a kibble fed dog possess the same quality of muscle as a raw fed dog.  The enzymes in raw are
impossible to achieve with kibble.  If you are going to use some kibble, make sure you read the labels and pay attention
to how your dog looks on it.  Not all things work for everyone so if your dog isn’t looking or acting great on a certain
brand, try something else.  Some brands I trust are Origen, Wysong, BG, and Precise.  I
NEVER recommend Science
Diet, Purina, Iams or
any other grocery store brand.

4.)  Now for the really confusing subject:  vaccines.  When do you give them?  Well the best time a vaccine can be
utilized is when the mother’s antibodies are gone, that way the vaccine and the mother’s antibodies are not competing
and the vaccine will be more effective.  This is typically between the ages of 12-16 weeks; every pup is different.  What
vaccines to give?     I used to recommend separate vaccines to be given (Distemper only followed by Parvo only) but
most manufacturers have stopped making separate vaccines.  Besides a marketing issue, a reason to give a combo
Distemper/Parvo (ONLY!) is to limit the harmful additives within the vaccine that create the inflammation.  There are
many toxic agents used within vaccines to create the "needed" response and giving more than one vaccine obviously
increases those chemicals within the animal's body.  So, doing both virus's at the same time does limit some possible
toxic effects.  I recommend waiting on the Rabies vaccine until the pup is one year old but I know this is hard in some
states.  I NEVER recommend a pup under the age of 6 months receive a Rabies vaccine, due to the very immature
immune system.  I also DO NOT recommend any Fort Dodge brand vaccines as I have seen immediate side effects with
this brand.  After 1 year post puppy vaccine, you can do blood titers for Distemper and Parvo.  I haven’t had to  booster
an adult animal (positive titers) that received his/her vaccines on the above schedule as a pup (my office experience).   
From there, a titer is done every 3 years to check immunity and again,  to date no boosters have ever had to be given.  
After the first year, it is unlikely that your pup will need anything more except the state required Rabies. (to help with this
outdated state law, support the Rabies Challenge Fund at www.rabieschallengefund.org they are doing research to
prove the Rabies vaccine lasts for up to 5 or 7 years!).  What vaccines to avoid?  As many as possible!   I do not
Lyme vaccine (they don’t have it for people so doesn’t that make you wonder?), Lepto (there are so many
types of Lepto that the few that are in a vaccine are not worth the risk!),
Corona  (affects the very young and it’s only a
slight case of diarrhea so not worth the dangers of vaccination),
Giardia (a very ineffective and needless vaccine) or
Kennel Cough (there is a homeopathic
Nosode that is more effective).  Basically, keep it simple!  These small white
dogs (see separate data/AVMA handout) can suffer badly from over vaccination (seizures, skin and ear problems,
behavior changes to name a few).  If you are confused about a vaccine that someone is recommending, wait and think
about it and PLEASE, send me an email.  It’s better to be safe than sorry, once it's given, you cannot take it back out!  If
your pet does have a vaccine reaction, note it and contact me.  I will make suggestions to help bring wellness again.  
But above all, NEVER give that type of vaccine again.  I personally have decided to fight Mother Nature if she decides to
make my dogs sick (ie. Parvo) but I am all done killing them with vaccines.  
Make your choices wisely!

 Swanback Jacks feels so strongly about these two subjects (feeding and vaccines) that we rest our guarantee on
it.  We realize that once you have paid for your puppy they now belong to you and there is little we can do to ensure his
or her  proper care.  We have trusted  that you will care for them in a way that we think best benefits the animal.  A way
that has given Swanback dogs such amazing health; free of chronic disease.  This is not a matter of who is right or
wrong, the only thing we want to achieve is a healthy and happy pet for years to come.  We do not want to bring
puppies into this world that are not able to feel their best and be everything you had hoped for.  If you have questions,
Swanback is always available for advice and direction!   If my standpoint seems radical to you, I highly suggest you find
another breeder that you have more in common with.  That way both parties will be happy!  

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